Centaur The Rabbit-1 Floor Machine - 13" to 18"

Centaur The Rabbit-1 Floor Machine - 13" to 18"

Item # 430315

  • Converts from 18" to 13" machine perfect for washrooms. Transports easily in any car. Cuts down stripping time by up to 50%.
  • Electrical: 110 V - 15 A outlet 50/60 Hz; Cord length: 50'
  • Drive block size: 18"; Downsizes to 13"; Motor: AC 1.5HP
  • Drive block speed: Single speed 175 rpm
13" to 18", ea

The integrated splashguard "contains the mess" as you're stripping floors, preventing nearby walls, baseboards, etc. from getting dirty from the stripping process. It takes seconds to detach the integrated splashguard on the Rabbit-1 and you now have a 13" downsized machine ready to get the job done in tighter spaces. Simply detach the handle and you can now fit it in any car and get to your next job.


  • Safety button/twist grip. The twist grip rotates forward to activate the machine, with a slight adjustment to the wrist, it allows for ease of use over many hours of operation. For safety, a simple release of the handle will stop the machine.
  • Easily adjust the handle height by turning the tri-nut (without you having to bend down). Allows you to comfortably operate the machine at your hip height.
  • The convenient cord hook allows you to keep the electrical cord neat and properly wound to last longer.
  • Remove pull pins and detach power cord. This allows you to detach the handle from the base for easy transportation in any car. Detaching the handle also reduces the weight of the machine if you need to carry it up the stairs.
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